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Proposal Planning Secrets- We’re Holding Nothing Back!

Proposal Planning Secrets from Vancouver Proposal Planner Expert

Can you keep a secret? In most cases we can but today we are sharing all of our proposal planning secrets in time for the holidays for gentlemen like yourself about to pop the question.

Do us a favour and steal a few of these to not only guarantee a yes but completley surprise her with the above and beyond details? Trust us! We are the proposal experts at planning and making a “true to you” proposal and we have a 100% #JustSaidYes success rate!

Here are 5 of the crucial but often overlooked details when planning a proposal that you don’t want to forget! Lucky for you, we are sharing those secrets with you today!

1. Personalizing the Moment:

Women love romance. You know this about us but when it comes to asking the most important question of your entire life most men don’t think past the question itself. This is a big mistake! Go the extra mile in personalizing not just the moment; but the whole day by:
a. Checking her Pinterest boards (you’d be surprised how much it will tell you) and avoid all of these ones!
b. Take a step back and remember why you fell in love with eachother in the first place. Remember those little moments (Reflect on your love story) What makes it unique? What do you love most about her?
c. Get a tight-lipped accomplice on board to help, (or a secret agent) Having someone to be in your corner when all this is going down and someone to bounce ideas off is very important.
d. Remember that this isn’t just a question or big celebration moment, it is the story that will be retold for years to come (no pressure!) Think about the question but what will happen before and how will you celebrate after? Perhaps you have family and friends waiting for a surprise engagement party or you whisk her away for a night just you two to enjoy the moment before sharing the big news. Remember that taking time to enjoy the moment before anyone else together is a moment you don’t want to pass by.
e. And above all else remember everyone loves a little competition. Set the bar high for the next friend that will be proposing. Now we’re not taking who threw the most bills towards it but who went above and beyond with the personal details. I’m telling you guys, that is what we remember.

“We met to discuss how I have envisioned the proposal to happen, and she just added on top with many creative ideas like engraving spoons, fun balloons, and incorporating Instagram. I have told her about our Lego portrait and how I was making a sign for my fiancee to hold, she came up with the best idea of building a Lego sign to tie everything together! Stephanie took her time to know us well from the get-go and put together the most fitting proposal to our relationship!”

2. Asking her Father’s Permission:

You may be rolling your eyes at me but trust me this is something you may need to think about because:

a. Asking her Father’s permission is a tradition. It’s a moment that her father has been waiting for; and a moment that will mean the world to him and to her as well. Well, yes it may be considered “old-school” in the same way that opening the car door for her is, that is kind of the point isn’t it?
b. Respect breeds Respect. Believe it or not, your sweetheart is expecting you to ask her father. Have this conversation before the moment to know how she really feels.
c. Because, really you don’t have to. No one will call you out on it, and it probably will not change the answer that she will give you. But it shows that you have high expectations for yourself and it’s another way to show how serious you are and respect you have for your future in-laws.

3. Writing her a Love Letter:

Alright we’re throwing out a big one, get ready for it! Ask anyone that is recently engaged and ask her if she remembers what her fiancé said as he was saying Will You Marry Me? Yep, nothing is right….well the majority of the time. Take five minutes to write down what you plan on saying before the day so you don’t only have something planned but you have a keepsake that she can cherish forever. What guy thinks of this? This is just another wow factor that will surprise your sweetheart.

“My day was amazing! I kept getting more and more surprises. Everything was so unexpected and so well thought out. I was really impressed with how Stephanie enhanced my fiance’s proposal ideas making it that much more special…I couldn’t have asked for a better proposal.”

4. Rain Plans and Plan B’s

We can’t stress on this point enough. Countless times we have heard proposal stories that ended in soggy weather and the man only planned one location. Save yourself the grief and excuses to drag us out to the dock in the rain for a picnic you set up and create a backup.

We live in beautiful Raincouver. And sometimes, Mother nature isn’t on our side and things happen unexpectedly leaving you to roll with the punches and it can be difficult not letting on that you have something amazing planned for your sweetheart. Trust us, it can be challenging if you’re not prepared. Our proposal plans come with not just a Plan A or B but a C and D just in case so you are fully prepared for what Mother Nature throws our way. You probably have a great idea. Sit down and think about the weather or the traffic. What is your plan B if issues arise? Be prepared so you don’t come off nervous and scrambling to make something amazing on the spur of the moment.

5. Hire a Photographer

Let’s face it. You want this important documented but you might not know it yet. Read this post here for all the information and why we say this is a must. It’s a beautiful way to share the announcement with loved ones living afar or to incorporate them into the wedding.

6. Hiring a Proposal Planner

We’re throwing out a bonus tip just for kicks. We might be biased because this is what we do and love but check out this post here for the benefits of hiring us for your special moment! Trust us, we have years of experience and our clients have nothing but good things to say. Read what our couples say about us here. We can’t wait to hear your love story!

“She really made me feel like she was almost as invested in the day as I was which was extremely reassuring and took care of all the vendors, photographers and props so that I was more relaxed when I got down on one knee than I ever thought was possible.”

If your ready to say those four letter words and don’t want to do it alone, we’d love to help! Contact us today for a free consultation and advice on bringing your proposal vision to life.


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