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Goal Digger | 17 of 2017

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I’m a goal digger and so pumped for 2017! While I always prepare myself for goal setting at the beginning of each year, my Power Sheets sadly collect dust instead. They just sit there until I tuck that binder away and hope I’ll do it next year. This year was going to be different. I scheduled time, opened my binder and grabbed my mint green pencil and began writing.

This Goal Digger’s 17 of 2017:

Business Goals: 

* Create an Email List– I’ve been following girl boss, Jenna Kutcher, for some time and she’s coaching me on a 5 day Build Your Email List course this week. I truly love what I do and although I’m not expecting a 1000 followers but I want to share more about why I do what I do, share planning freebies and share upcoming projects. I want to share these goodies with you! Will you sign up? Stay tuned!

* Say No– I am too much of a sweetheart and I tend to say yes to everything until I am curled up in a ball, tears streaming down my face because I am so overwhelmed and burned out. Yep, that’s truth friends! This year, I am saying no to things that may not direct me to my target couples, take up too much of my creative time or something I just can’t give my whole heart to. I’ve said no already and deep down it felt so good.

*Blogging– I started blogging consistently last year once a week and I am excited to continue doing this. I want to hear from you. What do you want to hear? With my email list I will be able to share freebies. Planning a wedding is not easy so any assistance I can offer I would love to be welcomed into your life and share my experiences.

*Attend a Workshop– Rhianna from Hey Gorgeous Events offers the Trouvaille Workshop every year and it’s been on my wish list every since she first launched the idea back in 2013. I may not attend this specific workshop but I love the opportunity to learn from other creative entrepreuners. Any recommendations?

*Step Outside of my Comfort Zone– Well this is something I do on a regular basis but I would love to take it one step further. Perhaps that’s speaking to a group of women wanting to chase their dreams of starting a small business? Maybe that’s taking on a huge client and creating something I have never done before. Putting it out in the universe and seeing what happens.

*Refresh– My website design is amazing and Tammy from Uniquity Designs killed it but it’s time for a refresh. This may not happen until late 2017 but I want to work towards creating something new and exciting.

*Get Featured– Last year my collaboration for Rocky Mountain Bride brought a huge smile on my face. I would love to see another couple’s love story in print. I would love to see my work on the pages of Style Me Pretty, Once Wed, Green Wedding Shoes & How He Asked again.

*Community Over Competition– I love the idea of The Rising Tide Society and would love to create a morning coffee date once a month with like minded creatives to brainstorm and cheer each other on! Are you in? I would love to find 5 women to team up with.

*Expand Proposal Planning Services– I want to add to the overall experience I already provide along with still being cost effective and convenient. When I first started my blog I began with a proposal story series. I may bring this back. I would love to share your love stories!

*Delegate and Outsource– This might be the most difficult goal this year for me. I personally think of myself as superwoman and try to tackle too much. I have realized my strengths and weaknesses. Instead of trying to tackle everything I will delegate that tasks that I might not be good at. Bonus points for me for hiring a book keeper this year (my books were a mess)!

*Start an Online Shop– Because everyone loves shopping! My girl, Beth, is a uber talented with calligraphy and I would love to showcase some of our most popular quotes and wedding signs. Would love to mail those proposal boxes all over the world! Does anyone have experience with this? Please help!

Personal Goals:

* Hit Pause and Vacay– I’ve always wanted to explore Europe or sit on the beach and just drink margaritas. Last year I escaped to Montreal with my sister. This year, I would love to schedule a week with the bf and take off…Perhaps on his harley this time 😉

*Read More– Embarrasing fact but I can’t remember the last book I read cover to cover. Actually it may be Lord of the Flies and that’s because it was a high school project. I start books but never pick them back up. Let’s see if I can change this. Any recommendations?

*Educate myself on Food & Wine– I would love to take cooking classes or wine classes to learn more and educate myself. Team meeting with the wine sommelier?! Ladies, you in?

*A Healthier Me– It’s super cliche but I want to make me at 30 the healthiest I have ever been. My sister is training as a Hollistic Nutritionist and is already helping me rock this goal. I also joined Class Pass and am trying to work out 3 times a week. Are you a member? I would love a workout buddy!

*Date nights with the BF– Love creating cost effective date night challenges with the bf and want to continue this in the new year once a week. We all lead busy lives and require reminders to hit pause on the work and focus on our relationships. Plus date nights are a blast!

*Disengage from Social Media– My last and final goal of the year. I was hanging out with friends and found myself disengaged and scrolling through Instagram. I looked up and realized that all of us were on our phones and no one was interacting with one another. This is the year for setting boundaries. How do you do this?

Now you may have scrolled all the way down but if you didn’t I would love to hear your 17 of 2017 and cheer you on! Comment below or email me a quick hello.

Wishing you an incredible and successful year!