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Meet the Sweetheart Girls, Beth

Wedding Planner, Beth Barr, Vancouver Planner, Vancouver Calligrapher

Photo credit: Christine Pienaar Photography

Hey! I’m Beth and I’m thrilled you’re considering me for your special celebration and want to learn more!

 My Journey to Wedding Planning: 

Unlike others, I never thought I would work in weddings. I thought I would head into a corporate job and have a creative side project that would keep me inspired and busy. It wasn’t until I was asked by a friend to help his fiance plan their wedding that I would fall in love with the process and decide that this was it for me.

I reached out to Stephanie and had coffee with her one afternoon and immediately I knew I had found a group of girls that shared my passion for weddings and who support and encourage me every day. 

My Favourite Part of the Wedding Day: 

There are a few moments that are truly very special to me –  so it is really hard to just name one! So, here are two reasons why I love being a part of your wedding day. I love being a part of the creative direction in helping create a story that comes alive through the details of your wedding. Watching all those elements like colours, decor and especially the florals come together is the absolute best.

I also love watching families and friends come together to celebrate. I love watching the interactions and hearing the conversations between the guests. Witnessing and sharing in a couple’s love story is an honour I don’t take likely.  

We’d be a great fit if: 

I love the couples who want to not just plan a wedding – but wants to create a celebration for their guests that is different and unique. Couples who have fun with their plans and are open to doing something maybe not so traditional, and something that will wow their guests while still staying true to who they are. I am in love with the aesthetics that make up the details of your day, and I love the couples who also value that and want to create a beautiful environment for their guests. And finally, I love the couples that make it a priority to plan not just a wedding but plan for the marriage that follows the next day. 

Describe your Typical Sunday: 

On any given Sunday you’ll find me relaxing and catching up with family and friends, who to be honest I don’t see quite often in wedding season! Talking over brunch and endless cups of coffee before spending the afternoon without a plan – which is something that as a planner, I really look forward to each week! 

Favourite Beverage:

Isn’t it quite obvious? I start my day always with hot water and lemon, but survive the day with simple black coffee (usually with some dark chocolate paired with it.) 

What Inspires You:

Like many others, I find inspiration in so many different aspects of life and nature. I love spending time surrounding myself with new people and hearing them tell stories, submersing myself in new cities and places and seeing the world from a new perspective. I also love spending time outdoors, surrounded by elements of nature and seeing how they can play a part in your wedding day.

My advice to you: 

My advice to you would be to have fun and to really narrow down your wedding priorities early in the process. To really listen to your gut and to plan a celebration that you will look back on years down the road and know that you still wouldn’t change a thing. But seriously, have fun – this is a brief stage in your life and you are only engaged once, so enjoy it! 

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