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Dance The Night Away Like a Pro: featuring Alex Bleim, Vancouver Wedding Choreographer

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A couple’s first dance is always a fun moment. Better yet when the first dance is choreographed! It’s also a great excuse for a date night.

I personally spent my childhood as a jazz dancer (don’t ask me to prove it because I was terrible) but recently took part in a professional class for couples. So much fun! It was a pleasure chatting with Alex to learn more about her passion.

Meet Alex:

Hi! I’m Alex and I grew up in North Vancouver, BC. My Mom put me in my first ballet class when I was four years old and I’ve been hooked ever since. I danced all throughout elementary and high school, participating in dance competitions and completing my RAD ballet exams. After high school, I moved to Toronto and completed four years at Ryerson University. I received my BFA in Performance Dance and was awarded the Nadia Potts Heart and Soul award and scholarship upon graduation. In 2016, I moved to London, UK where I worked as a professional dancer, teacher, and choreographer. It was an amazing year abroad filled with life-long memories!  

Throughout it all, teaching has been a constant in my life. I’ve been teaching dance for about eight years and have loved every moment. I’ve taught everything from ballet to hip-hop, two-year-olds to adults and beginners to professionals. Teaching dance is my passion and I love sharing everything I have learned to all my students.

What inspired me to start wedding choreography?

The first wedding dance I ever choreographed was for my cousin Nathan and his wife Marie. They are a fun loving couple, full of life and humor, who wanted to surprise their friends and family with an over the top dance on their big day. I had so much fun with them and the experience was so different from teaching young kids or dance fitness to adults. I was instantly hooked!

When I moved to London, I was hired by a company called Start the Dance, run by Jessica Brichto. Jess is an amazing woman who I love and admire. Her company specializes in first dances and in the high season, I would have FIVE couples in one day! It was an incredible experience to work with so many different couples and it gave me the confidence I have now. When I recently moved back to Vancouver, Jess suggested I continue my wedding choreography and with her blessing, I started Alex Bleim Dance.

My favourite part about working with couples:

Dancing is a very vulnerable and intimate experience, especially if you’re uncomfortable in any way. I love in the first lesson when couples start to relax… and dare I say, have a little fun! After a few lessons, I usually feel bonded with a couple and it’s always tough to say goodbye. It’s so rewarding to receive pictures, videos and texts weeks (sometimes months!) after our lessons and hear “we nailed it!” It makes my job so fulfilling.

The process & what to expect:

Everyone’s process will be a little different depending on what type of dance they are after – and that’s okay! Someone who wants a very simple and elegant routine will only need 1 – 2 lessons. If you want something a little more stylized, 4 lessons are my normal recommendation. There are exceptions to every rule though! It totally depends on how fast couples learn and how often they practice. 

  • I generally teach in the comfort of your own home, however, we can always book a studio near your home or work if you want more space.
  • What makes me unique to some other choreographers is that I don’t pre-plan my choreography. It is super important to me that a couple feels connected to the dance and to each other, so I like to create the dance while in the space with my couples after really listening to what they want. I will suggest moves but if a couple doesn’t seem sold, I can quickly change it. I think fast so even though I’m improvising on the spot, there’s not a lot of waiting around. It’s one of the skills that I get the most comments on and seems to create the best results!
  • Another service I offer is music editing. If your song is too long, or if you want to do a medley, I can edit your music for you… and it’s part of my rate! This opens the door to a huge range of songs that couples otherwise wouldn’t use.
  • At the end of every lesson, I always film what we have created. This way, you can practice between lessons and not feel overwhelmed about the choreography. I also talk and give notes in the video so when you practice, it’s like I’m still in the room with you! All my couples have noted that this was the most valuable tool during the whole process.


For last minute emergencies, or pay as you go lessons, my rate is $75/60mins and $100/90mins. I also offer 3 packages:

  • 2 lessons x 90 mins ($175)
  • 4 lessons x 90 mins ($350)
  • 6 lessons x 90 mins  ($500)

What other services do I offer?

I am mostly known for choreographing first dances for weddings, however, I also offer a wide range of choreography services! I have choreographed Father-Daughter dances, Mother-Son dances, surprise wedding party performances, flash mobs and corporate events! 

Where to find more:

For testimonials and example videos of my work, please check out my:

Facebook Page
Youtube Channel 

If you want to wow your weddings guests and pull off a total show-stopping routine or even just to explore your inner dancer and add some new moves to your repertoire (yes, we know how hard it is to ditch the beloved “shopping cart” and “sprinkler” moves) – make sure to follow Alex on Instagram or send a friendly message to her inbox and tell her this Sweetheart sent you 🙂 

And if you’re looking for a planner to guide you through all your wedding steps and join in on all your happy dances, we’d love to celebrate your love and get in touch!

Insert happy dance here!