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Let’s Talk REALationships- Meet Jake and Taylor

Photo Credit: The Relationship Project

Hi friends! Have you ever met a couple that was so in love that you just instantly knew they were absolute #relationshipgoals?! I recently met them for a Starbucks coffee date and not only did they totally have me running to update my online dating profile to find something true like them but I wanted to join their friend circle immediately- you’ll soon see why! Meet Jake and Taylor, a Vancouver based power couple behind the “Relationship Project”. 

Over the years of their relationship, they’ve seen their share of highs and lows. They believe in marriage and think relationships are delicious–a lot of work–but so very worth it. The Relationship Project is opening the doors and giving others a behind the scenes look into what successful relationships practice. They want to expose the mistakes and triumphs, and personally share how they’re growing and learning together–and how you can, too. Because, let’s be real. Relationships are beautiful and messy. It’s time we see (and share!) it all. 

Meet Jake & Taylor: the couple behind The Relationship Project

J: Our story began in a local hip-hop dance studio in Edmonton AB. We started out as friends until a spark ignited. We took things at our own pace (aka slowly… very slowly!) and our friendship grew into more as we were nursing this flame. It grew into wildfire just before we toured internationally to China with our dance company together. We ended up moving to Vancouver together weeks after the tour where we hopped onto this rollercoaster of our relationship together.

T: This is where we really started to discover the real side of relationships and how it’s not always easy. We had all the issues; commitment issues, trust issues, communication issues. So we started to get to work on ourselves and on our relationship. Over those years working hard together, we got engaged, then just under a few years later, got married, and a few years later, still doing the work! We’re enjoying this journey of marriage now and doing life together.

What is the Relationship Project?

T: The Relationship Project is a platform to showcase behind the scenes to real relationships and how we can all build one too. We serve our audiences through our blog, hosting events around Canada, and hanging together on our socials. One of our biggest challenges in our relationship was managing societal expectations and pressures. You know what we mean; Disney Movies, Romcoms, and fairytale love. We were constantly questioning if we were normal and if other people go through the same struggles that we go through. After talking with our friends, peers, and family, we realized that this idealized fairy tale relationship was a sham!

J: We discovered that all relationships have ups and downs. We realized that all relationships are different, and have their own unique sets of challenges and successes. That’s where the Relationship Project was born.

T: We wanted to further this mission of showcasing the real side to relationships and sharing resources to help us all learn, grow together, and build a successful real-ationship!

J: As for the future, we’re winging it. We never intended this to be a business, it was just a platform to share this info and knowledge to our peers, friends, and family, and now it’s this business that’s taking off and we’re rolling with it! We thoroughly enjoy hosting events and keeping up with the blog is a lot of fun as well. As for the rest? Stay tuned!

What do you love most about each other?

J: What I love most about Taylor is that she understands my growth and values, and she gives me the benefit of the doubt to offer myself a second chance. Of course, I make mistakes, and I’m hard enough on myself, but she’s there as my teammate that cheers me on through it and not just leaves me behind to fend for myself or give me, even more, heck than I already do.

T: I honestly love how different Jake is from me. In this walk through life, I couldn’t imagine being beside another me. The fact that he is so unlike me is hard but it’s also so wonderful. He’ll always see the world differently from me, have different ideas, and different perspectives and I love that. (If I’m being honest, I need that, too!) We are committed to filling up our tanks for each other and ourselves.

J: We incorporate each other’s love language by asking each other what we need. That doesn’t necessarily always mean what we want. We’ve both been clear on what fills up our tanks so we can offer that to each other when something is off (like a cheat sheet, but the good kind!) One of Taylor’s love language is touch, and when we’re not near each other, I’ll text her in bullet stars (*) what I would be doing to her to if I was there physically to fill up her love tank. As an example, I would say… *gently rubs your back while holding you close*… Instead of “I love you.” She hears the physicality way louder.

T: Jake is all about the words so I try to make it a point to tell him a higher ratio of positive things, things I love and appreciate, every day. I also ask him specific questions every day so he can feel like we’ve had a real connection. Things like when did you feel appreciated today? Did you struggle with anything today? Did someone tell you something great today? Things like that!

What are your favourite Fall date ideas?

T: I love the fall season, I know this sounds corny, but I really do like pumpkin patches in the fall. It’s such a quintessential memory and is always a good time stomping around with rubber boots. I also really love the beaches in the fall, there’s no one there! Also, anytime when we can stay and home and cook together is a good time and that’s perfect for fall, too!

J: One of my favourite fall dates is when it’s a colder night, we’ll go and visit a coffee shop (mainly a Starbucks inside Chapters). We’ll have coffee together while browsing around looking for books and decor and all the other fun stuff that they have in the store, and then sit down and play with a deck of cards, usually Big 2, Go Fish, or sometimes if we’re up for it, Speed!

Photo Credit: The Relationship Project

Can’t get enough of this inspiring couple? Come back and check out part two later this week to hear what Jake & Taylor have to say about how they use their individual strengths and differences to grow their relationship, how they prepared for their wedding, their thoughts on the big D word and exciting events coming up! This is one date night event you don’t want to miss (oops spoiler alert!).

To see more of what Jake & Taylor are up to, visit their social media pages below and tell them this sweetheart sent you! 😉

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