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Goal Digger | My 2018 Goals

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Happy ALMOST New Years, Friends!

If you read my goals for 2017, you know that I wanted to make goal setting a priority. That’s why I’m writing to you today. I’m super proud of what I accomplished, I mean everything except two were tackled. Can you guess which ones?! Now while I was thinking about goal setting, I found finding 18 was too difficult. Instead this year I am going for quality over quantity.

This Goal Digger’s 2018 Goals:

  • Self-care and Self-love– Starting off this list with a bang! This one came like a train hitting me. I never wanted to admit it but this is one I rarely prioritize. While wedding season got busy (go us!), I found myself canceling personal time to accomodate last minute appointments and/or burning the midnight oil just to complete a project on time. While I love my work, I want to put me first, get 8 hours of sleep a night and learn to love myself better. This also includes taking the time to exercise, less coffee more water and taking the time to hit pause and reflect.
  • Purpose over Perfect– Do you ever scroll through Instagram and compare yourself? Chasing perfect left me feeling lonely, exhausted and discouraged. This year, I want to stop doing that. I want to share my purpose, my why even if it doesn’t mean it’s perfect. It was hard to acknowledge success. My number might not be as high as other planners but we hit our goal and we worked with 30 incredible couples to create beautiful journeys to an incredible wedding day and marriage ahead.
  • Make a Change– If you know me personally, you know that I have been running the hamster wheel because 1. I am good at it and 2. it is comfortable. It’s always been so easy to chase happiness or just feel settled. Next year, I have HUGE plans for me personally and the business. I’ll be sharing it early 2018.
  • Do Something That Scares Me– Well the above announcement still shakes me in my boots but other than that, building a larger team scares me. Wait, wait! I love my team and have full confidence in them but if I am being completely candid here, I think it’s the fear of me letting go of the business in more ways. I am not the best to delegate but have come a long way this past year. My fabulous assistant, Kathlene, has been working alongside me every Friday working on blog posts and handing admin duties. This year that scary thing was trying something new. Last week I took my first ski lesson and rocked it. Sometimes the thing that scares you the most turns out to be something you’ve always been meant to do.
  • Education– I see 2018 as our greatest year of growth to date but I want to continue growing and learning too as a boss and wedding planner. Last year I had the opportunity to attend workshops to continue to grow in my craft but I often found myself too busy or just saying no. This year I plan on attending one workshop…which is one of the things I am carrying over from 2017 that I did not accomplish.

Whew! What a great list and I can’t wait to start putting these in action for 2018. Are you goal setting? I would love to cheer you on! I am also trying to get better at sharing and would love to add you to my monthly newsletter

Talk to you in the new year! xo