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The Wedding Day Assistant Diaries: Michelle

When I first accepted a position with Sweetheart Events as a Wedding Day Assistant, people started asking, “So…what does that mean? What will you be doing?” “Well, they told me if I notice any candles are unlit, to go and light them. You know, stuff like that.”

If I’m being honest, I myself didn’t have the best idea of what was involved in this role yet. I mean, I had an idea, but I needed to actually experience it before I could give a true answer. I just knew I was wedding OBSESSED and I was so stoked to get into the industry.

Fast forward a few months and I’m sad to see the season wrapping up. I was able to work a total of 6 weddings this year and hope there are many more in my future! Every wedding is unique and comes with its own set of responsibilities, but I’ve condensed the highlights of what I did at each wedding into one list for a real-life preview of  “a day in the life of a Wedding Day Assistant”.

The Rehearsal Dinner

This is a good opportunity to get comfortable with the couple and their family, the bridal party, officiant and any other parties that will be involved on the big day (like the venue manager). You’ll get a debrief from the lead planner on what your role will entail on the wedding day, familiarize yourself with the venue and walk through the ceremony with everyone. You may even play the role of the best man who couldn’t make it that night! Don’t drop the rings 😉

What to Prepare for a Wedding Day

It starts with a hearty breakfast! Fuel up for a day of running around and heavy lifting. Comfy shoes and clothes are a must – prepare to be on your feet all day.

I’d also recommend wearing something with pockets or a little fanny pack (if you can rock it) so you don’t have to hold your phone, timeline, etc. while trying to balance a Gin and Tonic and Vodka Sprite for the Groom’s parents. Pack a snack that’s easy to eat because dinner won’t be for a while! Also, water – stay hydrated!

The Duties of a Wedding Day Assistant

Depending on the wedding, there could be a lot (or just a little bit) of setup to do. Here are some things I was involved with this season:

– Chair covers (lots of them)
– Lighting candles (yes, it really happened)
– Setting up place settings
– Floral centerpiece arranging
– Folding napkins
– Cleaning up goose poop (it’s a glamorous life)
– Making sure the vendors are on schedule and know what’s going on
– Keeping little flower girls and ring bearers occupied and under control before walking down the aisle (oh gosh…where is the bride…I can only make these kids think I’m funny for so long!)
– Queuing for the ceremony (this part always makes me nervous!)
– Helping the photographers get everyone organized for family photos (it’s helpful to tag team this with a close friend of the bride or groom)
– Making sure the bridal party and family are well looked after with water and drinks
– Showing guests to the washroom when they ask (oh, they will ask)
– Assisting the bride with her dinner (so she doesn’t get gravy on her dress)
– Setting up the photo booth area and props
– Fixing broken jewelry (because now is the time for her Grandmother’s pearl necklace to come apart)
– Taking lots of trips to and from the car (hey, you gotta meet that daily step goal anyways)

At the end of the day…

As you can see from that list, a Wedding Day Assistant wears many hats, so be prepared for anything! You just need to show up with a smile and an open mind. Your feet may be done for, but you’ll be so high on adrenaline once you’ve worked at a wedding.

You’ll go home and chat your boyfriend’s ear off about how you met these amazing photographers you have followed on Instagram for SO LONG and how the bride gave you a big hug and told you the day wouldn’t have been the same without you. You’ll be able to tell your friends that you, in fact, do a lot more than just lighting candles!

At the end of the day, your main role is to play whatever part you can in making the
couple’s BIGGEST DAY OF THEIR LIVES spectacular.

It’s a pretty sweet gig if you ask me.

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