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Anthony & Phoebe | Cecil Green Park House Marriage Proposal

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This marriage proposal might have been my favourite secret agent plan to date but before I share why, let me share more about how these two met.

Anthony and Phoebe met in high school, let’s round it up to nine years ago. They shared many memories in Vancouver but their paths led them to the east coast together. With a trip back to Vancouver planned and the discussion of marriage, Anthony thought, “Why not set up some site visits”?

I was brought on board to execute a site visit with a proposal right smack in the middle of it. Having much experience with Cecil Green Park House I knew capacities, floorplans and answers to almost any logistical question they could ask. I was prepared for this big role I was about to take on.

On the day, I welcomed the couple and introduced myself as the Venue Coordinator. Anthony snuck off to the washroom and I took Phoebe out to the gardens to start sharing ceremony ideas. She then shared with me that they weren’t yet engaged but hopefully soon….

After waiting for Anthony, Phoebe and I decided to head inside and find him. We heard music playing in the Yorkeen room. Togeher, we opened the sliding doors and Phoebe’s expression was worth all the hours of planning. Inside was a trail of rose petals, candles and photo frames lining a path into the conservatory where Anthony was waiting in a rose petal circle with a bouquet of flowers. He got down on one knee and asked, “Will you marry, me?!”

Phoebe said YES!

The couple enjoyed sparkling apple juice and an engagement session in the garden before heading out for dinner.

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Wishing this couple all the best!


Vendor Team

Proposal Planner & Calligraphy: Stephanie and Beth, Sweetheart Events | Venue: Cecil Green Park House

Photography: Beige Weddings | Decor Rentals: Bold Event Creative | Ring: Cavalier Gastown