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Meet Sweetheart Events Owner, Stephanie

Sweetheart Events, Owner, Girlboss, Vancouver Wedding Planner

Photo credit: Christine Pienaar Photography

Hey friends! I’m Stephanie (the girlboss behind SHE). I’m thrilled you’re considering me for this amazing time in your life. You have an incredible story to share. I’m doing happy dances with excitement for you!

Most days you can find me double fisting mugs of cold coffee (because who ever gets to it when it’s hot), hanging out in my home office answering emails or hanging with my fur baby, Miss Molly. Read on for the rest!

My journey to being Girl Boss and wedding planning:

Funny enough, I never wanted to be a wedding planner (stay with me and keep reading). At the time, The Wedding Planner, starring J.Lo was released a good friend of mine suggested that as my career. I remember laughing at that comment and moving on. Here I am how many years later loving all the mush and gush moments that come my way. I love love but I don’t want to be all cliché and get way off topic. I believe in strong marriages and support my couples to not only create a beautiful wedding but a beautiful marriage.

Now back to my story, after high school, I was unsure of where I wanted to end up. A friend of mine invited me to  attend a networking event where I was introduced to a woman in the industry looking for an intern. I was hired on and from there I have never looked back. There are an incredible amount of creative entrepreneurs that inspire me everyday. Four years ago, I decided to move on and create Sweetheart Events to build my own dream and chase those couples that love nature backdrops, love stories and personalized details. I have worked incredible hard and feel so blessed to have a talented team working alongside me.

Your favourite part of the wedding day:

The First Look (that intimate moment where it is just you and your sweetheart), sharing the AHA moment with my client as they are just about to walk down the aisle and that moment when you are pronounced husband and wife. Just know I will be doing happy dances in the background and wiping tears. It is that moment where all those planning hours were worth it. After all, the ceremony is why we are all here anyway so let’s make it the focus of the day!

We’d be a great fit if:

I love you all but ideal couple would be one that focuses on the marriage that waits for them after I Do. I love creating intimate ceremonies with personal vows, readings from families and creative songs played to reflect their love story. Each décor detail would share a piece of their personality of how they met or where they got engaged. The venue would be nature inspired with jaw dropping backdrops and dinner beneath the stars. There would be great food, delicious cocktails and live music to keep everyone on the dance floor all night and each guest walking away saying that was the perfect reflection of the couple. It should feel as if you are inviting your BFF to plan your wedding day. Planning a surprise wedding is definetly on the bucket list!

Describe your typical Sunday:

Suffering from a wedding hangover. They are real!  You’ll find me catching up on Netflix in yoga pants snuggled with my cat. Brunch is a must and if it’s a nice day I’ll grab a book and head to the beach.

Favourite beverage:

Coffee, coffee, coffee! I’m in competition with the Gilmore Girls 😉

My advice to you:

Stay true to you and find your BFF in your wedding planner. This industry is a saturated one and we all offer similar packages. Go with your gut, not the price tag.

Links to my work:

Jasmine and Aaron’s Rooftop Vancouver Wedding

Chrissie and Ryan get Maui’d in Vancouver

Kalia and Ben’s Poplar Grove Winery 

Where can you find more?

Let’s be friends on Instagram. Check me out here.


What is a Proposal Planner?

What is a proposal planner? Finally! An explanation.

Unlike most men, women dream of this moment their entire lives: how will it happen, where will it happen and what will I wear? When it comes to the proposal, this once in a lifetime moment, why not hire a professional proposal planner? With proposal planning becoming a new trend I am here to explain to you what it is that I do and why you should consider it.

A proposal planner is someone that is passionate about a good love story and the details that lead up to the big question. They will take your ideas and bring them to life or collaborate with you to create the wow factor and handle all of the planning and tedious tasks leading up to Will You Marry Me.

I created this service to help gentlemen, like yourself, take those amazing ideas you are thinking about and make them a reality. You have enough on your plate already with keeping this secret then to find the time to think about the logistics involved. I am your secret keeper, your creative outlet to share ideas with, your personal shopper to make sure no detail has been forgotten and the one that will make sure a photographer is behind the scenes capturing every moment allowing you to sit back, relax and embrace this incredible moment with your sweetheart. Remember this is not just for her but for you both. This is important to you and I am not here to take over but to assist you from beginning to end as your behind the scenes executor.

Here are just a few benefits of working with a professional proposal planner:

  • Unlimited emails and phone calls to offer advice, guidance and piece of mind
  • Outside of the box ideas that are personalized to your vision and your love story
  • I save you endless hours of research (Approx. 50 – 100hrs)
  • Advice on how to avoid the cliche moments you want to avoid. Read more here
  • A woman’s perspective without giving away the surprise. I am really good at keeping secrets 🙂
  • Assistance with sourcing quality and reputable vendors to work with within budget and your personal style
  • Ring shopping and advice personal shopping on the day
  • Perhaps you don’t reside here, I am your Vancouver contact ensuring all details are taken care of
  • Advice on the questions asking itself
  • On site coordination and décor/prop set up and take down
  • Many high fives and happy dances…just an added bonus to working with me

Are you thinking of popping the question? I’d love to chat or just offer advice. Pop on over to my contact page and say hello.

Wishing you all the best and happy planning!

Planning your Destination Proposal | Sweetheart Events

Whistler proposal, Vancouver proposal, marriage proposal, sweetheart events, planning a proposal, how to pop the question, best proposal planner, engaged, how he asked

Okay, so you’re completely head over heels in love with the girl of your dreams and you want to propose – but you want to do something that will not only knock her off her feet but give her a major shock. And although, your hometown is incredible, why not surprise your sweetheart while you’re on vacation?

Recently I had the pleasure of working with Jacob to plan an incredible Whistler proposal for his girlfriend (and now fiancée (spoiler!!) Margarita – who were both in town visiting from the east coast. Jacob knew he wanted a jaw-dropping backdrop and to incorporate all that west coast nature we love so much, yet wasn’t sure how to make his vision come to life being a visitor to a new city. That’s when we came in, and after many emails and Skype calls we were able to pull the ultimate surprise off!

Jacob and Margarita met just over a year ago at a work conference in Blue Mountain Ontario. . For Jacob, he knew right away on that first date out for sushi and board games, that he wanted to spend forever with her. Fast forward one year, Jacob and Margarita are at the same conference, completely in love and about to start their lives together.

Whistler proposal, Vancouver proposal, marriage proposal, sweetheart events, planning a proposal, how to pop the question, best proposal planner, engaged, calligraphy, nita lake lodge, how he asked

Whistler proposal, Vancouver proposal, marriage proposal, sweetheart events, planning a proposal, how to pop the question, best proposal planner, engaged, Nita Lake Lodge, how he asked

Whistler proposal, Vancouver proposal, marriage proposal, sweetheart events, planning a proposal, how to pop the question, best proposal planner, engaged, how he asked

Planning a proposal when you are out of town can bring up some challenges: for instance, scouting a location and having a backup option ready in case of rain. If you’re proposing in Hawaii that might not be such an issue but, guys, we live in Vancouver (you NEED a plan B!) Aside from working around mother nature’s schedule, another difficult challenge could be finding and setting up your décor. I agree that you don’t need elaborate decor to propose (we are all about the personal touches over here) but finding those vendors (including that kick ass professional photographer) and arranging pick up and drop off times AS well as set up and take down – is stressful even in your hometown. Imagine having to organize all that and keep cool & coy with your sweetheart! I sourced every element (aside from the photographer) and communicated on behalf of Jacob to the vendors involved, which allowed him the opportunity to focus on what mattered most, not the setup or the flowers but on Margarita saying YES! After all this moment is for you both.

How Jacob Asked:

Jacob & Margarita had just finished a week long business trip and were beginning their vacation together. Margrita had never been to Whistler or Vancouver before; therefore, Jacob wanted their proposal to be nature inspired and have that west coast feel to it. We quickly decided on the dock at Nita Lake Lodge in Creekside for its mountain view and quiet atmosphere. The morning of the proposal, Jacob and Margarita enjoyed breakfast together in the lodge before beginning the drive down the Sea To Sky Gondola. While enjoying their breakfast, the photographer, Matt Murray, and I were set up and good to go. After finishing, Jacob suggested taking a quick walk around the lake, as they both enjoy being outdoors, but instead led her down the dock where we had a simple yet gorgeous set up in place. As soon as Margarita realized what was happening, Jacob got down on one knee and asked that simple question and of course, she said yes!

Whistler proposal, Vancouver proposal, marriage proposal, sweetheart events, planning a proposal, how to pop the question, best proposal planner, engaged, how he asked

Whistler proposal, Vancouver proposal, marriage proposal, sweetheart events, planning a proposal, how to pop the question, best proposal planner, engaged, how he asked

We believe the entire day should be special so Jacob and Margarita then enjoyed an engagement shoot at Nita Lake with Matt followed by a trip up into the mountains on the Sea to Sky Gondola. They decided to spend part of their vacation in Vancouver, and we were excited to share some of our favourite spots with them. Upon checking into their hotel, they were greeted with champagne, flowers from their proposal and a love letter that Jacob wrote for his new fiancée. They then ended the night by enjoying dinner at one of Vancouvers best seafood restaurants, Coast, somewhere that both Jacob and Margarita were excited to check out.

From a planners perspective, I love working with couples who don’t call Vancouver home. This city is a place that I love and one that I am constantly exploring. You want a rooftop proposal? I know where you can make that happen. Dying for a mountain top moment? We know the ins and outs of this industry and are able to provide that service to you – even if you are half way around the world!

SAY HELLO and share your ideas with me. We can’t wait to be your secret wing girl on this!

Proposal planning/calligraphy/florals: Sweetheart Events (Beth) | Photography: Matt Murray Photography | Venue: Nita Lake Lodge in Whistler, BC | Lanterns: Niche Event Stylists

The Importance of Hiring a Photographer for your Proposal

The Importance of Hiring a Photographer for your Proposal- Photo Credit: Simply Rose Photography

Photo credit: Simply Rose Photography

It all happens so fast. Once it is all over you will be happy you hired that photographer to capture the emotions and surprise on your sweetheart’s face when you get down on one knee. Trust me!

As women, we spend our lives dreaming of happily ever after and getting engaged. When will it happen, who will it be with, how will it be done and what will I wear? When the moment does happen we want to relive it over and over again.

That being said it’s not surprising that having a photographer has become the norm when about to pop the question. Huge bonus points when you point to the photographer hiding in the distance capturing it all after she says yes. Plus the fee to have someone onsite snapping away is not a large cost.

The Importance of Hiring a Photographer for your Proposal

As this is your proposal, your big moment, I am only here to share my thoughts on hiring a photographer and the benefits that come with it.

Location, Location, Location– You have the plan but perhaps you haven’t thought of where. Not to worry, your photographer will have many beautiful local suggestions for you. They will also suggest a location that is easy to navigate around and somewhere where they can blend into the background easily. Perhaps you have the location already in mind, they will be able to share a different perspective of how it should all go down to ensure the location is used to it’s full potential and that the surprise is not given away.

A few of our favourite Whistler Proposal locations

Ideal lighting– Lighting is key to creating beautiful photographs. The photographer will suggest a location and time of day that works beautifully for your big moment.

Plan B– Are you planning on proposing outdoors? What is your rain plan? This is a common mistake for many men about to propose as they only have one location and if they haven’t thought of a backup plan they are left scrambling last minute or postponing the proposal. Plan ahead so this doesn’t happen to you! Having a photographer on site will guarantee you a plan B to ensure the plan happens smoothly regardless of the weather.

Forever Keepsake– Photos of your proposal are a wonderful keepsake for the most cherished moment of your love story to date. What I love is using those photos for your save the date cards, your #justsaidyes social media announcement, your wedding guest book or even a slideshow for cocktail hour at your wedding. One of my couples used their proposal moment to share with guests during cocktail hour. Many of their guests had not seen the moment yet and it was so sweet witnessing family members and friends seeing the big moment for the first time.

Trial run for your wedding photographer– Find someone you click with, someone that gets your style and is part actor/spy. You need someone that can hide in bushes or pretend to be a tourist and blend in the background easily. Treat this as a trial run for hiring your wedding photographer. If you love the outcome of the photos you may have found your wedding photographer! Consider one task already crossed off the list (Yay!).

The Importance of Hiring a Photographer for your Proposal- Photo Credit: Kunioo

Photo credit: Kunioo

Here’s what my last two sweethearts had to say about having a photographer capture the moment:

I’ve always wanted this moment photographed, it’s one thing I always dreamed of happening when it came to Kyle proposing. I think it’s so great to have pictures to help you relive the great memories of the day. I replay it in my head all the time but it’s even that much better to see it come to life through pictures. “ Sarah & Kyle

“Lifes’s moments pass by us so quickly. To have photographs of the day, help us record that event and we are able to relive the feelings and emotions. It’s beautiful to be able to share that with our family and friends.” Sandra & James

Any photographers agree with the above? If you love capturing proposals I would love to hear from you! Please share your company and website in the comments below or send me an email; I would love to get to know you better!

If you are looking for a photographer or proposal planner for your upcoming proposal, please reach out. I would love to be involved and guide you through the proposal and share my favourite local photographers with you!

SHE Couples: Robert and Stephanie’s Proposal


This is an exciting week for us at the Sweetheart office. Back in 2014 we planned this incredible couple’s proposal and this weekend they will be saying I Do! Read their amazing and oh so cute love story below!

The Proposal: I met with Robert one week before he was about to pop the question to his girlfriend, Stephanie. What a great couple and a beautiful love story. I couldn’t wait to share my proposal ideas with him when we met. Robert and Stephanie have been together for 7 years and recently bought a condo in Vancouver together. It was Robert’s idea to hire a photographer to get some couple photos of them to hang up in their new place. Little did Stephanie know but Robert was planning a little surprise for her but he didn’t know how to execute the day while still keeping calm and enjoying the moment. That is where I came in. We decided on a special spot of the couple’s- Boathouse Mews in Yaletown next to the seawall for where the couple’s session would take place. After hearing more about the couple’s love story I wanted to personalize every detail through their love of lego, Ernest Ice Cream and Instagram. Thank you so much Robert and Stephanie for inviting me to be a small part of your special moment. Wishing you a wonderful planning experience and lifetime of happiness.

Proposal3 While I was hiden away in the bushes, Kim James Photography began snapping shots of the couple. Robert wanted to ask Stephanie’s parents permission and have them be apart of the moment so he had his brother bring along an IPAD to capture the moment live. While Robert’s brother pretended he was having technical difficulty with the camera (so Stephanie wouldn’t suspect anything), Robert ran over and asked her parent’s permission. Robert&Stephanie1(18of139) Proposal4 Stephanie’s best friend flew out from Calgary that weekend just to be there to celebrate with her. Robert&Stephanie1(35of139) Proposal1Proposal2 She said YES!!! Congratulations to the happy couple! Robert&Stephanie1(95of139) After hearing one of the best gifts Robert surprised Stephanie with- a portrait of themselves made entirely of LEGO we knew Lego would be a theme of the proposal. As a way to share the news with everyone, Robert made the I SAID YES sign entirely of lego as well. Proposal5 Robert&Stephanie1(86of139) Robert&Stephanie1(83of139) Robert&Stephanie1(71of139) Robert&Stephanie1(111of139) Just days before the proposal I found two beautiful vintage spoons that I had engraved with He Asked, She Said Yes. Proposal7 Proposal6 While Robert knew Stephanie wanted a more private proposal he still wanted to have her close friends and family participate in the celebration. I suggested sharing the moment over Instagram. Just moments before Robert was about to get down on one knee we used Robert’s phone and uploaded the photo of him and the ring with hashtag #Willshesayyes and tagged Stephanie in the photo. After Stephanie said yes, she had many people already congratualting and sharing the celebration with her. We then added the last photo of Stephanie holding the sign with hashtag #Isaidyes to confirm the good news! From the lovely couple:

“Stephanie was the perfect planner for my proposal. From day one when Nomo Akisawa referred Stephanie to me, she has been very much involved. Stephanie is a planner you can relay on being there all the time, she was quick to respond to my questions, and took care of all the details. We met to discuss how I have envisioned the proposal to happen, and she just added on top with many creative ideas like engraving spoons, fun balloons, and incorporating Instagram. I have told her about our Lego portrait and how I was making a sign for my fiancee to hold, she came up with the best idea of building a Lego sign to tie everything together! Stephanie took her time to know us well from the get-go and put together the most fitting proposal to our relationship! – Robert ||| My day was amazing! I kept getting more and more surprises. Everything was so unexpected and so well thought out. I was really impressed with how Stephanie enhanced my fiance’s proposal ideas making it that much more special. Stephanie is such a silly and fun person, she hid away during the proposal and jumped out after I said yes! It was so much fun! and I couldn’t have asked for a better proposal! Thank you Stephanie so so much for doing such a wonderful job. I would definitely recommend any one that is looking into proposing to go through Stephanie!!” – Happiest Fiancee in the World

Vendor list: Proposal Planner: Sweetheart Events | Photographer: Kim James Photography | Balloons: Confetti and Sparkle Party Shop

Are YOU about to pop the question? Don’t tackle this alone, get a buddy to help out with the logistics and calm the nerves. Perhaps you want more professional assistance? Then pop on over to our contact page to say hello and save your date. I would love to assist you in creating this special moment for you both.