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Meet Sweetheart Events Owner, Stephanie

Sweetheart Events, Owner, Girlboss, Vancouver Wedding Planner

Photo credit: Christine Pienaar Photography

Hey friends! I’m Stephanie (the girlboss behind SHE). I’m thrilled you’re considering me for this amazing time in your life. You have an incredible story to share. I’m doing happy dances with excitement for you!

Most days you can find me double fisting mugs of cold coffee (because who ever gets to it when it’s hot), hanging out in my home office answering emails or hanging with my fur baby, Miss Molly. Read on for the rest!

My journey to being Girl Boss and wedding planning:

Funny enough, I never wanted to be a wedding planner (stay with me and keep reading). At the time, The Wedding Planner, starring J.Lo was released a good friend of mine suggested that as my career. I remember laughing at that comment and moving on. Here I am how many years later loving all the mush and gush moments that come my way. I love love but I don’t want to be all cliché and get way off topic. I believe in strong marriages and support my couples to not only create a beautiful wedding but a beautiful marriage.

Now back to my story, after high school, I was unsure of where I wanted to end up. A friend of mine invited me to  attend a networking event where I was introduced to a woman in the industry looking for an intern. I was hired on and from there I have never looked back. There are an incredible amount of creative entrepreneurs that inspire me everyday. Four years ago, I decided to move on and create Sweetheart Events to build my own dream and chase those couples that love nature backdrops, love stories and personalized details. I have worked incredible hard and feel so blessed to have a talented team working alongside me.

Your favourite part of the wedding day:

The First Look (that intimate moment where it is just you and your sweetheart), sharing the AHA moment with my client as they are just about to walk down the aisle and that moment when you are pronounced husband and wife. Just know I will be doing happy dances in the background and wiping tears. It is that moment where all those planning hours were worth it. After all, the ceremony is why we are all here anyway so let’s make it the focus of the day!

We’d be a great fit if:

I love you all but ideal couple would be one that focuses on the marriage that waits for them after I Do. I love creating intimate ceremonies with personal vows, readings from families and creative songs played to reflect their love story. Each décor detail would share a piece of their personality of how they met or where they got engaged. The venue would be nature inspired with jaw dropping backdrops and dinner beneath the stars. There would be great food, delicious cocktails and live music to keep everyone on the dance floor all night and each guest walking away saying that was the perfect reflection of the couple. It should feel as if you are inviting your BFF to plan your wedding day. Planning a surprise wedding is definetly on the bucket list!

Describe your typical Sunday:

Suffering from a wedding hangover. They are real!  You’ll find me catching up on Netflix in yoga pants snuggled with my cat. Brunch is a must and if it’s a nice day I’ll grab a book and head to the beach.

Favourite beverage:

Coffee, coffee, coffee! I’m in competition with the Gilmore Girls 😉

My advice to you:

Stay true to you and find your BFF in your wedding planner. This industry is a saturated one and we all offer similar packages. Go with your gut, not the price tag.

Links to my work:

Jasmine and Aaron’s Rooftop Vancouver Wedding

Chrissie and Ryan get Maui’d in Vancouver

Kalia and Ben’s Poplar Grove Winery 

Where can you find more?

Let’s be friends on Instagram. Check me out here.


Meet the Sweetheart Girls, Caitlyn

Caitlyn Domijan, Wedding Planner, Vancouver Wedding Planner, Sweetheart Events

Photo credit: Christine Pienaar Photography

Hey friends! I’m Caitlyn and one of the SHE girls that has the huge honour of planning your happily ever after. Read more below to check out more about me to ensure I am the right fit for you. Thank you so much for considering me!

Your journey to wedding planning: 

At the age of 10, I witnessed my first wedding – you could say it was love at first sight. My dream turned into a reality upon graduation of Capilano University and BCIT. With my diploma’s in hand, I set out and began my journey by volunteering and interning for local companies. Not long after, I took a position at a local Golf Club as Day of Wedding Coordinator. In 2012, I had the pleasure of meeting Stephanie through a mutual friend. Since then, I have been a proud member of the SHE team!

Your favourite part of the wedding day:

My favorite part of the wedding day is when the party starts! I love seeing my clients relaxed, happy and celebrating their love with their closest family and friends!

We’d be a great fit if: 

My ideal clients are easy going, creative, sentimental and have a sense of humor. They want their wedding to truly represent them. 

Describe your typical Sunday:

A typical Sunday in the Domijan household starts off with a big homemade breakfast followed by a family stroll down along the Shoreline Trail in Port Moody with our daughter, Charlie, and two pugs, Bubba and Memphis. We love to end our weekends over a glass of wine with our friends.

When you meet for a coffee date with a client you’ll be drinking: 

Tea. All things tea!

Your favourite fur baby:  

Our little family consists of our daughter, Charlie, and our pug babies Bubba and Memphis.

When can I find you doing a happy dance?:

When I’m listening to someone’s love story, enjoying a glass of wine or getting more than 2 hours of sleep in a row #newmomprobs.

Your current love story:

My husband and I met when we were 17. Since then, we have created a beautiful life together. Just this past year, SHE helped us get engaged and married! If that wasn’t enough, we recently welcomed our daughter into the world. Check out the details of the amazing proposal and wedding that the SHE team helped put together for our own fairytale. 

Where can you find more:

Let’s be friends on Instagram! Follow me here.

Meet the Sweetheart Girls, Shawna

Shawna, SHE girl, SHE team, Wedding Planner, Sweetheart Shawna, Vancouver Wedding Planner

Photo credit: Christine Pienaar Photography

Hello! I’m Shawna, an Associate Planner at Sweetheart Events! In addition to being a wedding planner, I’m a lover of coffee dates, candles and flowers. I’m known for making checklists, over packing for all situations and always having my nails done. Most days you can find me drinking coffee, working on my couch with my pug battling my computer to get on my lap.

My journey to wedding planning:

Growing up I was always a planner and involved with the organizing of school events, fundraisers and birthday parties.  I went to College in Calgary to study Public Relations and one of my courses was Event Planning and I thought: “wow, this is what I’m supposed to be doing!” and decided to make a career of it.

I moved back to Vancouver and attended BCIT for Event Marketing and although I originally thought I would stay on the PR side and do corporate events, I fell in love with the idea of getting to celebrate one of the most important days in someone’s life every day.  I continued my education through the Wedding Planner’s Institute of Canada and became a Certified Wedding Planner and officially joined the wedding world!

Your favourite part of the wedding day: 

I can’t pick just one… but I love seeing the ceremony and reception space all come together! We spend months planning every single detail, so it’s pretty amazing to see that vision come to life. Sending my brides (and grooms) down the aisle will always be the most important and special part of the day. A fun and energetic grand entrance with their bridal party is also a highlight for me.  The music is pumping and you can tell the nerves are gone and everyone is just ready to celebrate! I love it and I get goosebumps every time.

We’d be a great fit if:

I gravitate towards the asethetics of your wedding day but I love the story behind the detail. That’s what gives me the good goosebumps! I’m all about creating romantic, intimate settings filled with beautiful blooms. I love working in the outdoors as well as four walls that I can truly build from the ground up with the couple. If we are outdoors, I will always have that gorgeous rain plan in my back pocket! Also if you’re a lover of Pinterest and have a pug baby yourself, we’ve just become bffs!

My typical Sunday:

When I’m not working hard to make your day the best it can be I enjoy exploring my neighbourhood with our dog/daughter Ella.  My favourite weekend getaway destination is going home to visit my family on the Sunshine Coast. I love spending time on the deck with my family and watching the stars at night – you can’t see the stars like that in the city!

My Love Story:

When I moved to Vancouver I started my first job in the big city and that’s where I met Fred.  We became friends after his Uncle (also a co-worker) insisted that Fred drives me home one night after work.  Not long after that night, we started dating and this June we celebrate our twelve-year anniversary!

Favourite beverage:

Coffee! I have it every single morning. I’m a much better person with coffee.

Some of my work:

Cheryl & Ryan’s Westwood Plateau Wedding

Intimate Art Studio Wedding

Katie and Carl’s Granville Island Wedding

Where you can find more:

Looking for more inspiration or up to date work? Let’s be friends on Instagram.

Meet the Sweetheart Girls, Beth

Wedding Planner, Beth Barr, Vancouver Planner, Vancouver Calligrapher

Photo credit: Christine Pienaar Photography

Hey! I’m Beth and I’m thrilled you’re considering me for your special celebration and want to learn more!

 My Journey to Wedding Planning: 

Unlike others, I never thought I would work in weddings. I thought I would head into a corporate job and have a creative side project that would keep me inspired and busy. It wasn’t until I was asked by a friend to help his fiance plan their wedding that I would fall in love with the process and decide that this was it for me.

I reached out to Stephanie and had coffee with her one afternoon and immediately I knew I had found a group of girls that shared my passion for weddings and who support and encourage me every day. 

My Favourite Part of the Wedding Day: 

There are a few moments that are truly very special to me –  so it is really hard to just name one! So, here are two reasons why I love being a part of your wedding day. I love being a part of the creative direction in helping create a story that comes alive through the details of your wedding. Watching all those elements like colours, decor and especially the florals come together is the absolute best.

I also love watching families and friends come together to celebrate. I love watching the interactions and hearing the conversations between the guests. Witnessing and sharing in a couple’s love story is an honour I don’t take likely.  

We’d be a great fit if: 

I love the couples who want to not just plan a wedding – but wants to create a celebration for their guests that is different and unique. Couples who have fun with their plans and are open to doing something maybe not so traditional, and something that will wow their guests while still staying true to who they are. I am in love with the aesthetics that make up the details of your day, and I love the couples who also value that and want to create a beautiful environment for their guests. And finally, I love the couples that make it a priority to plan not just a wedding but plan for the marriage that follows the next day. 

Describe your Typical Sunday: 

On any given Sunday you’ll find me relaxing and catching up with family and friends, who to be honest I don’t see quite often in wedding season! Talking over brunch and endless cups of coffee before spending the afternoon without a plan – which is something that as a planner, I really look forward to each week! 

Favourite Beverage:

Isn’t it quite obvious? I start my day always with hot water and lemon, but survive the day with simple black coffee (usually with some dark chocolate paired with it.) 

What Inspires You:

Like many others, I find inspiration in so many different aspects of life and nature. I love spending time surrounding myself with new people and hearing them tell stories, submersing myself in new cities and places and seeing the world from a new perspective. I also love spending time outdoors, surrounded by elements of nature and seeing how they can play a part in your wedding day.

My advice to you: 

My advice to you would be to have fun and to really narrow down your wedding priorities early in the process. To really listen to your gut and to plan a celebration that you will look back on years down the road and know that you still wouldn’t change a thing. But seriously, have fun – this is a brief stage in your life and you are only engaged once, so enjoy it! 

Links to my Work:

Junior and Kristina- A Plenty of Fish love story

Whistler Marriage Proposal- James & Abby

Where can you find more: 

Let’s be friends on Instagram: @elizabethbarr

Bring on the Greens! Naturally Green Wedding Inspiration

In honour of this upcoming Saint Patrick’s Day, we’re dedicating today’s post to all things green. But with a twist, we’re loving the trend of botanical, natural, and woodsy weddings. We think you will to, so let’s dive in to the inspiration!

Inspiration for a naturally green wedding- Sweetheart Events Vancouver Wedding Planner

1. We love how this wedding loads up on the greenery- on the table and overhead, it’s just stunning.

2. Speaking of mass amounts of greenery, how elegant is this garland made of greens? Our answer is incredibly stunning.

3. Outdoor weddings make our hearts happy, truly. This one looks magical with an arch full of greenery as the backdrop for the Mr and Mrs’ first kiss.

4. On the other end of the scale, we love the sparing use of delicate greens for this Philadelphia wedding.

5. This bouquet is full of woodland whimsy. We love height the wild ferns add.

6. These watercolour wedding invitations pull in the colours of the outdoors with a mossy green. Gold is always a welcome addition to a green palette… but the best part? Those raw edges.

7. I don’t think this trend is going anywhere anytime soon- the floral crown, or in this case a crown of greenery adds a bohemian touch to even the most glamorous gowns.

8. Last but not least- for the most stunning naturally green wedding, head outdoors! This image captures all the greatness of the forest- I’d happily put that on my wall.

Is anyone else craving warmer weather to go explore the outdoors now? If you’re dreaming of an outdoor destination wedding- we’d love to chat with you! Drop us a note to tell us what you have in mind and save your date.